Is your third wedding anniversary coming up soon, and are you trying to figure out what you should get for your wife or your husband? If so, you should look at some leather gifts, which are timeless and beautiful. These are the top five leather gifts that are selling right now, all of which would be great options.

1. Wallets
2. Book covers or journal covers
3. Boots
4. Purses
5. Passport cases

As you can see, all of these things are highly functional and useful, so you know that you are not giving your spouse a gift that Read the rest of this entry »

It’s your first anniversary, and tradition calls for a gift of paper. Incredibly nice gifts can be found that are made of paper. Use a little imagination, and you can make your first anniversary one to remember. Here are a few suggestions on paper gifts for an anniversary.


Tickets to a music concert, a movie or a play is a great way to celebrate an anniversary together. A guy might appreciate tickets to a college or professional football game. The lady might like tickets to a fashion show or a lecture by an author. Read the rest of this entry »

If you and your spouse will be celebrating your 20th anniversary in the near future, you are probably looking for something special that the two of you can do in order to commemorate your long-lasting and joyful marriage. Over the span of 20 years, however, you have probably done countless different things with one another, and you might wonder what you can do that will be exciting and different from your normal routine. One excellent option to consider as a celebration of your 20th anniversary, however, is traveling to China.

Traveling to China can be an Read the rest of this entry »

Okay. On paper, the gift of a home security system doesn’t sound very spicy or romantic when it comes to an Anniversary gift. Most of the time, television and the media tell you that a diamond or a puppy or a new car – these are the way to go. Aside from the dog, how is a car or a diamond going to protect your loved one and give her the peace of mind? If anything, these new gifts could, in the long run, raise some anxiety.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The gap between the HAVEs and the HAVE-NOTs isn’t narrowing anytime soon and that can drive some people to commit some pretty nasty crimes – the most common of which is robbery and breaking and entering. You owe it to your wife to give her that protection she deserves.

There are lots of places you can go for great home security. This site www.massachusettshomesecurity.com, in particular, really breaks it down for you by talking about all the different pieces of equipment. There are also some decent enough pricing tiers.

This anniversary, don’t subscribe to the same, commercialized schlock as everyone else. If you want to get her a real gift, get her something practical.

Whether it is your first, fifth or twenty-fifth, celebrating your anniversary is important. While gifts are nice, trips are even better because taking a trip enables you to reconnect with each other by creating shared memories. The following cities are full of wonderful and romantic activities.

While it is not the most obvious choice, Pittsburgh has a lot to offer. The city is full of world-class museums like the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Andy Warhol museum. There is also three major sports teams in the area, river Read the rest of this entry »

A wedding anniversary is a time to take a deep breath and remember why you and your spouse fell in love. In order to recreate the loving atmosphere that surrounded you in the beginning, you may need to get away. One of the best gifts you can give to your spouse is a surprise anniversary vacation. It will give the two of you a chance to enjoy each other while viewing some amazing scenery and partaking in some exciting events. No matter which anniversary you are celebrating, Read the rest of this entry »

When it comes to be that time of the year for your lovely wedding anniversary, there are a lot of things to decide on. One of which is a major thing to most women, gifts!

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your wife there are two routes you can go. One of which is the tradition route. There is a list floating around the world wide web of that traditional anniversary present by year. Some of these are rather crazy but they are very thoughtful. If your wife Read the rest of this entry »

Going on a romantic getaway to celebrate an anniversary is something every couple desires. Here are ten of the best places a couple can celebrate their next anniversary.

Hawaii-From sun bathing on their beautiful beaches, to a quite romantic dinner under the evening sky, Hawaii is perfect get away spot for any couple.

Positano, Italy- Complete with picturesque villages, food, and wine Italy offers the anniversary couple all the experiences they could possibly desire.

Las Vegas, Read the rest of this entry »


Anniversaries mark a special moment and a special time in a couples life. An anniversary could be celebrated for reasons such as the day you meant your spouse, your first kiss, your first date or the day you became husband and wife. For your next anniversary, you can surprise your spouse with a romantic weekend trip.

Top Five Anniversary Destinations

A romantic anniversary getaway may be the perfect time to rekindle romance and enjoy quality time. Some of the most beautiful and relaxed destinations may be the Poconos in Pennsylvania, the Sybaris Read the rest of this entry »

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